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Super Dungeon Tactics is Greenlit!

Days before heading to PAX South we made the decision to start our Steam Greenlight campaign so we could capitalize on the exposure of the convention. At PAX South we were showing off our new demo of the game at the Ninja Division Publishing ( booth.

To help our cause, we printed a large 1 page flyer and business cards, both with the call to action of "vote for us". It was very exciting to see the votes increase as the convention went on and a huge rush the following week. By the 3rd day we ran out of material to hand out! Soda Pop Miniatures, makers of Super Dungeon Explore, also sent out the news on their channels too.

Throughout the campaign, Super Dungeon Tactics was tracking with the top 10-15 and had an average approval of about 65%. After 11 days, we were greated with an email saying we have been Greenlit!

We wanted to give a special shout-out to all the PAX South attendees and Soda Pop Miniatures fans for helping make this possible.

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