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Enemy Types and Variations

A good dungeon delve isn’t complete without a menagerie of menace - provided by lots of fun and cool (and dangerous) monsters. Heroes love a good fight, and so, in designing the monsters in Super Dungeon Tactics, we wanted to make sure you, our adventurous players, get to enjoy a rousing good fight.

In Super Dungeon Tactics, you’ll be facing off against more than 70 unique enemy types (luckily, not all at once), each with varying difficulty, and many with special features unique to their type. Oh sure, you’ve fought a million skeletal warriors before, and it’s fun to smash those creaky bones, but have you faced off against a skeleton who buffs his allies? Feeling brave? Imagine facing off against a horde of skeletons, each buffing the others in the group!

Or, there’s the Kobolds, who vary in color - the specific color reflecting enhanced traits gained through crystal affinity: green indicating range attributes like movement and range, red for magical capabilities, while yellow and blue affect power and defense respectively. When you’re swarmed by these guys, it won’t be enough to simply start swinging your sword, you’ll need to sort out their color affinity and choose the best attack against each.

Individual enemies fall into one of four ranks: insignificant, minion, elite, and mini-boss\boss. These four ranks help define the capabilities of the enemy. Insignificants, being the lowest rank on the pecking order, have only a single attack and low health. Elites, on the other hand, have more health, attack power, and can use special powerups and abilities to make them very similar in capabilities to heroes (and very deadly to the same.)

In Super Dungeon Tactics, you’ll need to think outside the (dice) box, as the mix of monsters vary in difficulty, size and special powers. Diving into battle with a fireball spell and a sword of mega-slaying won’t be enough - you’ll need to analyze your enemies and their skills, decide the best way to handle them, and then let loose your monster-slaying fury.

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