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Heroes - Part 1

In Super Dungeon Tactics, players will control 10-15 different heroes, depending on choices made along the way. Early on, four of these heroes will include the Hearthsworn Fighter, Ember Mage, Glimmerdusk Ranger and Questing Knight. The Questing Knight is available through one of the many side quest available during the campaign while the other three unlock through the standard campaign.

Before each Quest, individual heroes can be selected and equipped. Equipment based leveling allows for trying out new heroes easily. Party sizes may vary from small group of 2-3 up to larger forces of 8+. However, don't get too comfortable because your party can change as your progress through the level. Heroes may join your quest or the party must split to deal with separate tasks.

Here is an glimpse of the four heroes in an early build of Super Dungeon Tactics. Next week we will be looking into 4 additional heroes, the Claw Tribe Barbarian, Riftling Rogue, Royal Paladin, and Royal Warden along with how equipment effects a hero.

Hearthsworn Fighter

Weapons: Axe, Crossbow

Armor: Heavy

Without peer. Challenges, insults, and cleaves through enemies. The Hearthsworn Fighter offers a fearsome presence on the frontlines often intimidating the enemy and weakening their abilities. With his axes clearing out a wide path of enemies in a single sweep, along with his ability to push foes out of the way, the Hearthsworn Fighter is a master at keeping the party moving forward.

Ember Mage

Weapons: Staff, Dagger

Armor: Light

Her soul reflects her magic. Her fierce magic is highly sought after. With a powerful ranged area attack, the Ember Mage is able to stay out of danger and still clear large groups of lesser enemies. When needed she can use a powerful focused fireball attack for larger enemies. The raging fires and chaos she creates makes her a fun pick for any situation.

Glimmerdusk Ranger

Weapons: Bow, Crossbow

Armor: Medium

Patrolling the edges of the Fae Wood with a longbow, the ranger is capable of striking from incredible ranges with high mobility. She can be adaptable with either a flurry of shots to take out multiple different targets or as a support role healing and boosting allies in need, allowing her to easily round out any capable team.

Questing Knight

Weapons: Lance, Sword

Armor: Heavy

From an order of true knights. Unequalled mastery of weapons including his devastating lance often eliminating enemies three and four at a time. As he grows in level, so to does his range and power. Able to inspire those around him or soak up an incredible amount of damage, no front line should be without the Questing Knight.

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