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Heroes - Part 2

Among the many heroes of Super Dungeon Tactics are the Claw Tribe Barbarian, Riftling Rogue, Royal Paladin, and Royal Warden. The new heroes provide some needed additions to a party like healing, power and unique striking capabilities.

In Super Dungeon Tactics, each hero has unique abilities from all other heroes. These abilities come from the hero class item, one of the 4 equipment types available. The class item helps define the overall health, movement, and core abilities.

The weapon type provides the hero with their base attack type (always available) and later a powerful special ability. Each hero is proficient in two weapon types letting you choose how they will lay some smack down. Of the 10-15 heroes, only a few can have the same weapon type and no heroes have the same combination.

Armor is the 3rd slot providing the heroes base armor value and often altering the movement. There are 3 armor classes and 3 variation within each armor class. Heroes are restricted to specific armor class but can choose any of the variations. Higher level armor even offers special abilities further extending the capabilities of the hero.

Finally heroes can equip a trinket which ends up being fun way to tweak a hero. This might be permanent stat boosts or immunities to a damaging status effect.

Claw Tribe Barbarian

Weapons: Axe, Greatsword

Armor: Medium

Take your party on the offensive with the powerful Claw Tribe Barbarian. Wielding some of the most powerful weapons, what she lacks in armor, is more than made up for in attack power and mobility. When needed, the Barbarian can further increase her attack - but at a cost to her own health. Enemies that surround her will soon learn their mistake when they all are struck by a whirling attack.

Riftling Rogue

Weapons: Dagger, Bow Armor: Light

Either by striking from shadows or delivering that piercing blow, the Riftling Rogue offers a party unique abilities and with style! She is also one of the few characters able to handle ranged weapons and melee allowing her natural abilities to be augmented by versatility.

Royal Paladin

Weapons: Sword, Axe Armor: Heavy

Divine paladin of the Goddess. The Paladin can focus on gaining the attention of all enemies on the battlefield or choosing to heal surrounding heroes. In addition, he offers massive armor and a choice of focused or area attack. The Paladin is a powerful warrior that sacrifices himself for the party.

Royal Warden

Weapons: Crossbow, Sword Armor: Medium

The Warden is about bringing control to the battlefield. He can hunt down distant enemies easily or keep others from leaving to regroup. Proficient in both sword and crossbow, both his weapons offer some range options allowing him to attack on or behind the frontlines.

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