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Weapons of Super Dungeon Tactics

Bring the attack to enemies in 9 different ways through the weapons in Super Dungeon Tactics! Each weapon offers a unique base attack creating a huge amount of versatility. Heroes have two weapon proficiencies and no hero shares the same combination.

Weapons have several key components that make up their overall capability. These include number of attacks, damage, range, area of effect, and status effects. Of these, area of effect, is one that really pushes the strategy element since maximizing damage of some weapons requires planning for and finding the right opportunity. While sometimes challenging to line up the perfect attack, when you take out a whole group of kobolds in a single swing it is incredibly satisfying!

Throughout the game, enemies will drop many different kinds of loot with weapons being one of these. Weapons are found in three rarities, common, rare, and mystic along with some uniques that break from the standard offerings. Typically for weapons, rare provides an additional status effect like poison or fire while mystic alters the base stats like range or area of effect.

While the weapons are described from the hero's point of view, keep in mind that all weapons can also be used by enemies!

Weapon Types


Offering a multi-attack which increases in damage and number attacks at higher levels - The dagger is perfect for finishing off several enemies at once. Later a special attack is offered providing a short range attack helping softer heroes to stay out of the frey unless needed.


A core weapon of any party, the sword offers a short reach attack with focused damage. While the reach is typically only have a range of 1 to 2, this still allows heroes with less movement to get into the battle early or heroes with less armor to attack from behind the front line. The sword also is the only weapon offering a defensive special allowing the hero to parry incoming attacks.


Heroes wielding the axe belong on the front lines clearing the way. Axes offer a “sweep” attack which strikes all enemies directly in front of and to each side of the hero. Some more powerful axes are able to continue this damage even up to range 2! If the sweep attack was not enough, the axe also offers a special counter attack catching enemies off guard.

Lance (or Spear)

The word Shish Kabob comes to mind when describing the powerful lances and spears of Super Dungeon Tactics. Hitting all enemies from range 1 up to it max - often range 5 or 6! This unique attack is perfect for narrow hallways or bridges. With such a huge reach, heroes are able to intercept enemies even before they take damage.

Hammer (or Mace)

The massive attack of the hammers and mace causes even near by enemies to take damage. Rare weapons will often stun or completely stop enemies allowing other heroes to easily dispense of any enemies that survived. When used as a special attack, enemies pushed back from the damage helping clear room for the party.


The mighty greatsword offers the single most powerful attack but this power comes at a cost. Heroes must rest on the following turn often having to be defensive or move the back lines before once again unleashing incredible damage. Later the greatsword can attack with a unique ground shatter attack that builds up damage as it approaches the target.


Bows offer multiple attacks that be shot over enemies allowing very precise attacks. The multiple attacks allow for taking out several enemies or concentrating on larger targets. Not to be caught off guard, heroes are able to counter attack at range making it very important to keep enemies at range so this awesome ability can be used.


This medium range weapon is incredibly strong and able to pierce armor with ease. Load up multiple bolts and take out rows of enemies with a special attack. Power and versatility make the crossbow a hero favorite.


Incoming squads of enemies will quickly find the error in their ways if they stay huddled together when facing a staff equipped hero. Able to attack with a standard ranged burst attack, hitting up to 9 enemies at once - heroes are able to deal so ridiculous damage with this weapon. Enemies that try to attack at close range will find just a much trouble when they trigger a wave of magic with every hit when used as a special.

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