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Enemy Creation and Activation

When a level is started, there are typically several monsters ready to attack your heroes. Setting your starting position will help maximize your hero effectiveness and reduce the potential damage you might receive early on. Heroes and monsters activate through an initiative system.

Each blue token is a hero turn and red tokens are enemy turns. During an enemy turn, more than one monster may activate if they are part of a squad. Squads are groups of enemies led by one higher level monster. During a round monsters may rally to create new and larger squads. Players have to be careful these do not get too large because heroes can be easily overwhelmed. The leader of a squad is indicated by a “star” symbol and all other squad members have simpler “circle” icon.

In Super Dungeon Tactics, the battlefield can change drastically during combat as enemies are encountered through several different ways. While you are playing, certain areas or events can trigger new enemies to enter the battle. This may be reinforcements coming to help out their fellow baddies or the continuous attack of the undead from shallow graves.

Another method for enemies to enter is through spawn points. Spawn Points open a portal to another realm for transporting enemies into Crystalia. These spawn points build up power every round and can be further enhanced through skulls from dice. Once a certain power level is reached, the spawn points activate and heroes must face a new batch of monsters. Spawners may have several different types of enemies to choose from to keep heroes on their toes. Once one of these is destroyed, the heroes are in for a surprise! Destroyed spawners will typically have one last enemy unit, which is usually more terrible and powerful than the previous brought through.

Some enemies can spawn lower level enemies to assist them in combat. One of these is the Kobold Drake Trainer. When he receives a skull die, more drakes rally to his call. Combined with the squad mechanic, Drake Trainers are a formidable enemy.

Replayability is very high in Super Dungeon Tactics because of the variability of enemies encountered through the spawner and even starting enemies in a level. While some enemies are set at level start, others can be created based on lists, making replaying levels a new challenge! So when you replay, instead of fighting several melee characters, you now might face a handful of ranged and melee baddies.

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