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Adventuring in Turn Based Strategy

Super Dungeon Tactics has many way to keep players on their toes; One of which is the way a quest is explored. In many Turn Based Games, a quest or level involves a single encounter of the player versus the enemy. Once complete, the player returns to their “home” to choose another mission. In Super Dungeon Tactics a quest can be single encounter but more often a quests in broken up into multiple encounters. The individual encounter can vary greatly in both size, enemy types and objectives, not to mention which heroes are available. This can really offer many different play experiences.

Let's look at a few different quest examples:

Single Encounter

This is a more traditional turn based level where the player completes the main objective (typically kill all enemies) and then wins. These levels are great for the feeling of a small skirmish. If by chance the player is defeated, the risk is pretty minimal so difficulty is often set pretty high. The single encounter is the core make-up of a Bounty Mission in Super Dungeon Tactics - which are quests that do not directly impact the story but provide opportunity to try out heroes, get loot and take out some baddies. There are a few story quests that also use single encounter. In these story quests, there are often several different objectives chained together such as find several objects or survive for a number of rounds.

Single Encounter

Full Party with Multiple Encounters

One of the more typical methods for story levels is the multiple encounter style quest. In these quests, players will complete an encounter then move on to the next. When moving on, the heroes health will remain the same! The progression feels more like the heroes are traveling for one location to another and allows for story elements to be woven throughout. This also provides a feeling of exploring that is not often found in turn based games.

Player are heavily challenged as well since just simply killing all enemies they see is not enough to win. Once complete, there will be the opportunity to save the game after each encounter as well as being able to start an encounter that may not be going so well. Fallen heroes will also return once the encounter is completed - though with heavily reduced health.

Some quests will feature the initial selection of heroes throughout the entire time. The primary challenge in these is types is to ballance hero health and your supply of consumables (potions, boosts, etc.) while still completing each objective and encounter. Looking for the opportunities to deny the enemy an activation will be key to success.

Split Party with Multiple Encounters

Throughout the campaign players will often have to split their chosen heroes into multiple smaller groups that will each face their own challenges before ultimately coming back together. Creating two smaller balanced groups of heroes can often be challenging.

Mixed Party with Multiple Encounters

Some quests will see new heroes coming to the aid of player or possibly even local townspeople. Players will be challenged to learn the capabilities of these new heroes in order to complete the quest. Often these new heroes will be willing to stick around and help with future quests. These additional heroes will offer all new skills that will expand the guild hall.

The combination of these types of quests will continue to challenge players of Super Dungeon Tactics and help bring the feeling of adventure to turn based tactics.

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